Product Review: Travelon Crossbody Travel Purse

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OK, I have to confess- I’m a bag girl. I love bags. I’m not a girly-girl, but practical purses, totes, and backpacks are my weakness. I have no issue saving money but put the right bag in front of me and all thoughts of my savings account go out the window. Mr. MA sometimes grumbles about the number of bags I own but he quickly becomes an enabler at Christmas and birthdays.

I knew that as we started to save for our big misadventure that the random bag purchases had to stop. I went six months without buying a purse; then I started to get the itch. This was the perfect opportunity to buy a travel purse to use on our weekend misadventures so I could find the perfect bag before we hit the road.

I had some very specific criteria in mind for a travel purse. I was sure I probably wouldn’t hit all of them in one bag, but I set looking for the following:

  • Able to be worn crossbody
  • Have security features
  • Be able to hold (at minimum) wallet, sunscreen, sunglasses, reusable shopping bag, lip balm, ibuprofen, phone with a little room to spare
  • Reasonably priced
  • Well-reviewed

I landed on the Travelon Anti-Theft Crossbody Bucket Bag. It appeared to meet everything on my list, so ordered it with the idea of using it for our weekend trip to Sonoma. I’m so glad I did! I love this bag so much I haven’t switched back to my usual purse!

Basic Features

This purse is priced significantly lower (about half as much for a purse of roughly the same size) than some of its competitors. It’s well made with smooth zippers that are all made of metal. In fact, all of the security clips, zipper pulls, and buckles are thick, strong metal with no plastic pieces anywhere on the bag. Despite this, the bag is still very lightweight.

It cleans easily with a damp cloth. I did get some dust on it and had no trouble wiping it clean. It gets bonus points for cleaning up cat fur easily with a lint roller. This is important if your fuzzy buddy uses it as a post-lunch nap pillow and leaves behind the top layer of his coat.


There are three zippered pockets- the main compartment and two smaller outside ones on each side of the bag. On one side of the main compartment contains three pockets for holding credit cards and a slightly larger pocket that holds a passport; on the other is another zippered compartment.

There are expandable mesh pockets on each end of the bag. These will hold a small water bottle (think 16 ounces) or other small items. I used one a the small bottle of face sunscreen. The product description on Amazon says the side pocket will hold a small umbrella. I didn’t try, but I’m not sure that would be comfortable to carry.


This travel purse is advertised as an anti-theft bag and definitely comes with lots of security features.

The main compartment and front zippered pocket are slash-resistant, and the adjustable shoulder strap is cut resistant. The clip on the strap is also large enough to allow the bag to be clipped to a chair for extra security in restaurants or cafes.


Secured zippers

Travel Purse secured zipper

Secured side zipper

Two of the three zippered pockets have clips that allow you to “lock” the bag. The clip prevents anyone from easily unzipping the bag. The opening of the clips on the outside pockets are against the bag making it very difficult for someone to unlatch them from behind.

This travel purse also has RFID protection. The credit card and passport slots are RFID secure, so if you aren’t carrying an RFID wallet, this is an added benefit.



This purse is deceptively large but just the right size. I was able to carry everything I needed and still have plenty of space. The bag didn’t bulge at all despite everything I was carrying. I managed to fit all of these items in this bag easily:

Travel Purse Contents

All of this easily fit in the purse with room to spare.


  • wallet (a large, full-size wallet)
  • can of spray sunscreen
  • small bottle of face sunscreen
  • 2 phones
  • 2 hard-shell sunglasses cases
  • keys
  • earbuds
  • earplugs
  • ibuprofen
  • lens wipes
  • entry tickets
Full Travel Purse

Loaded and ready to go!

I was very pleased with the items I was able to fit in this purse. I could have easily thrown in a point and shoot camera and still had room to spare. It gets bonus points because everything stayed where I placed it. There was no digging around to find things, and nothing got lost in a black hole.


Did I mention I love this purse?

This bag has a lot of fantastic features. However, there are two things about this bag I would change if I could.

The RFID protection is not a big deal for me. I carry an RFID wallet because I’m not comfortable sliding credit cards into an open pocket in my bag. This is a personal preference, but I’m a little too paranoid to just have cards loose in my bag. Zippered pockets would be an improvement.

I also have a small issue with the buckle that adjusts the shoulder strap. When I wore the bag over one shoulder, there was no problem. However, I am vertically-challenged and have a short torso. If I don’t wear the body of the bag a little higher than I like, the buckle is uncomfortable when I carry the bag as a crossbody.

These items are not deal breakers and I intend to continue using this purse as my daily bag. I like it so much I’m ready to try out the Travelon travel wallet. The Travelon Anti-Theft Crossbody Bucket Bag also made the gear list for our big misadventure.

Do you have a favorite travel purse of bag that you use daily? If so, be sure to tell us about it in the comments below!












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